Exhibitions in the Museu de Guissona

La comunió Eucarística i els antropòlegs.

Carried out previously.


Periodically, the Museu de Guissona holds temporary exhibitions, generally about Roman and classic times cultures. We will soon inform about the next one.


The Museum also offers touring exhibitions that for their quality are worth being exposed in our museum temporarily.

The Museu de Guissona is open to any institution o individual interested in showing their pieces in our exhibitions hall. You only have to contact us through patronat@guissona.cat or telephone 973 551 414. A commission of experts will evaluate whether they are appropriate to be exhibited in this archaeological space.

CALENDAR OF EXHIBITIONS (permanent and temporary)

  • January: to determine
  • February: to determine
  • March: to determine
  • April: to determine
  • May: May 18: Museums International Day
  • June: to determine
  • July: to determine
  • August: to determine
  • September: September 23rd, 24th and 25th: “Heritage European Conference”: exhibition of the pictures presented to the Photography Contest.
  • October: to determine
  • November: to determine
  • December: to determine


Carried out previously.

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